I have found my Truth!

Well it has been a very eventful weekend for us and so much to take in.  There is no way I know of to thank all that have been here to support us and to give us their love.  But if you do not mind I wish to use my space here today for a place to expand on the feelings I am having inside.  If you wish to stay and peek on what is going on, go ahead.  Do remember it may be jumbled though as it is my mind and it is a maze even to my own self.


Today when I sat down there at the front of the church, my eyes closed and the priesthood gathered around me gently placing their hands upon my head.  A calm was already in the building, love had been shared time and time again through hugs, hand shakes and eyes catching across space.  And I had prayed for the young man that would be leading the blessing as he had touched my life so deeply in the last few months and I wanted so for this moment to also be a blessing for him too.

I expected to feel something different, maybe electric or a power.  Instead it was just right.  I was at home, finally.  Not a single worry of would I ever measure up.  That I needed to be someone else other than me.  Calm was upon me as I knew that it was right to be just that...BE. Be in the moment, be there, be happy.  God intends us to be happy, joyful beings.  God wants us to experience joy.  For me that is wanting to dance, twirl, arms stretched out reaching for the wind and let all the worries within to ebb away as I fill with bubbles of excitement.

So to hear gentle loving words being spoken over me wishing me the best was a blessing.  Knowing that the heart of the young man asking God to share this with me came from his deep love and belief mingled with my own knowledge God would be there to share with me.  Feeling the prayer support of the men around me and the congregation lifted my heart too.  Amazing how happiness and calm intertwined into one feeling.  I think for me this how Truth feels.  Knowing that the decision I had made through pray and months of seeking here, had answered what I had been praying for.   That I have now found a home, a place to study, learn and grow.  That my Dear Hubby and I are joined together finally.  For the first time in our marriage we are spiritually equally yoked.

After the blessing was done.  After I hugged the necks of those around me.  After I sat back with the congregation.  After my Dear Hubby and my BFF had also received their blessings too.  After all was said.  After all was done.  After......  I still want to dance.  I still want to twirl around.  I am still filled with bubbles of excitement.  I still know that I have found my Truth!

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