Sunday, Sunday, Calling My Name

Well I am laying here in a bed that is not my own, listening to Dear Hubby's snores and the grooming from a yellow lab laying close by.  I have been awake 2 1/2 hours just waiting for time to pass.  Yes, once again I can not sleep for very long.  Thankfully I am warm and comfortable as I pass the time.  Soon I will pop out of bed, make coffee, feed the pets and start my day.

my missionaries
Sunday!  My new favorite day of the week.  I have grown to look forward to Sunday each week over the last 6 months.  Yes, it is as you guess due to returning to church.  I missed it so much.  But now I am hanging out somewhere new.  Somewhere that is feeding my spirit as well as my soul.  This last summer we met the missionaries from the LDS church while Nonnie Camp was going on.  Of course, being the person I am, I invited them to lunch with the kiddos.  We started visiting and then over a bit of time we started attending church with them.  Now it just feels like we get to go home every Sunday and be with our family.

So yes, we are thinking of converting.  Having different denominations, Dear Hubby and I were looking for a home church for years now.  It seems that we have found what we so desperately desired.  This year we have started many new habits thanks to our attendance.  From Bible study to setting up a new budget to getting back to some basics in life.  For example during the month of January we have gone on a financial diet.  This is where we pay the bills as we should but not spend any extra that is not required.  Currently we had to purchase dog and cat food.  But that is it so far.  Dear Hubby is trying so hard not to purchase his smokes but use the vapor he already has.  We figure that we will end up getting milk and eggs at best.  I will let you know at the end of the month how things went for us.

In the meantime I hear a pot of coffee calling my name.  Yeah, I know....  LDS and coffee.  I am changing bit by bit but so far that is one habit I have not managed to quit.

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