Making The Plunge

Well here is a nice quiet spot for me to sit and think.  I know that not many hang out here any more with me.  And most of the newer people in my life are not even aware that this lil hiddie-hole even exist.  So I think that today I will take up a seat and just reflect.

I mentioned that we have been visiting the LDS church for about 6 months.  I have found so much joy there.  But the doctrine was different than what I knew.  Well not totally but added on.  So I have been reading, studying and praying on it.  I am not sure on everything.  All I do know is that I belong here.  My heart sings, my soul is soothed and my spirit is growing.  I feel more and more like ME everyday.  As if I was a dormant seed that had been put away in some freezer.  In the last year, I have shed my self (literally) and now my outside is reflecting my inside.  Also my soul has been begging to be fed.  It wishes to grow in knowledge and to lead my heart to do more service.

So now we are going to make the commitment and be baptized in the church.  This is such a celebration for us.  I do not think that my nor Dear Hubby's family will really understand.  Conversion is hard for many to grasp.  Hopefully they will be happy for us.  In knowing that we are faithfully attending church with a congregation that we adore.  Also I can't wait for the members to learn of our decision.  We have not really said much to anyone yet.  Of course the missionaries know as they are the ones that first met us and shared with us.  My BFF also knows as she is too joining.  Then I have shared with two women that are so near and dear to my heart.

Now to make a few decisions.  Pray deeply over them.  And then make the plunge!


  1. I think it's awesome. I love rerading about those parties for the grandbabes. What a bunch of lucky kids! :)

  2. Wow. Converting is a big step and I think it is so cool that you and dad are making it together.

  3. You are so open with your thoughts, Lenore. I admire you so much. Hugs.


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