New Years Goals

Since we enjoyed having our annual New Year's Eve grandbabes party, I thought I would share with you the goals each of the kiddos made for 2015.

TK wishes play basketball, go to Disney World and shave off Coppie's beard.  Gosh, I think she might have a chance at playing basketball.  Maybe when Coppie aka Dear Hubby decides to lose his winter whiskers, we can arrange for her to help him cut it off.

Landon wants a new dog (they have 3 already), have a party (we did that night) and make it rain tacos.  Now there is one that I would like to see.  The plague of tacos!

Princess Emma is all about the sports this year.  It seems she is challenging her fitness goals with the desire to play soccer, softball and basketball.  Her mom thinks she is just trying to keep her schedule super busy.

Autumn is going to have fun playing on the playground with her friends while always loving her mommy.  I know she will be having a new baby sister coming soon to play with.

Romy also is desiring to join in on basketball.  Seems we may have a team going soon.  She also wants to see her sister more, who is all the way across the state of Texas.  Oh and to add a cat to the two dogs she acquired this last year.  Good luck with that one.

Sam can't really decide on how she wants to spend her time.  From a goal  of puppies to care for, cleaning the house (looks like she would have to from the puppies) or just watching TV.  Looks like she is going to be really busy or just vegging.

Jordan is also sports minded with soccer and basketball being goals.  But of course getting a new toy is always fun too!

Somehow we missed Dylan's photo here but I will be on the lookout for it.  I know he made up goals too.  Poor fellow always getting left out.

Now our two current LDS missionaries also came to our party.  Both are named Tyler and of course go by the title Elder. Both have the goal of returning home this year.  And both will be doing just that.

Tyler V will be returning home this month.  Breaking my heart too but that is the way of the world.  And as any 21 year old desires, he plans on getting a job and a car too.

Tyler P is going to continue on his mission this year, then return home and get a job.  Yes, these boys have steady plans.

Well in all of this I did not make my goals.  So here they are.
1. Stay financially responsible
2.  Be ever present on my blog this year once again
3.  Do Bible study, exercise and keep up cleaning my home each week.
Simple but strong desires.  Mostly, keep my home strong, my spirit fed and my body healthy.

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