Grandbabes Making Life Fun

Well we are tying up the end of our annual New Year's Eve Kiddo Party.  The grandbabes have been here for the last week and of course that means other kids have joined in.  And we are just winding down of a week of fun and games.  I thought I would share a few highlights with you.

One morning we had mini pudding pie tarts for breakfast.  It was great to set up the pie bar for the kids and let them go at making these mini treats for themselves.  Gosh who can say that this is not good for breakfast.  The pudding was sugar free and made with low fat milk.  Top that with a light as a feather homemade crust that the Other Mother did for us.  Even the whipped cream was non fat.  So I see nothing negative about having dessert first!

Granny M just celebrated her 81st birthday.  So the kiddos made flower sugar cookie pops and decorated them.  It was a hit when they delivered them to Granny M and sang her a belated birthday song.  Don't you just love these bright colors?

For another meal we enjoyed green eggs and ham along with paint toast.  Have you ever made paint toast?  Easy Peasy!  Just melt butter and pour into separate dishes.  Add a few drops of food coloring to each dish and you now have your paint ready.  With clean brushes let the kids paint their bread then cook in the broiler portion of the oven.  Here is ours before they were popped in the oven.

I know this is blurry but gosh it was fun for everyone to show off their 'staches from the party.  I had one too but of course I was behind the camera. 

Then as it happens, our Grandbabe was tearing through the house and landed on the coffee table.  So a boo-boo over his eye.  Thank goodness not stitches.  But today he as a great black eye going on.

We fixed it all with happy face flap jacks.  Hey, you have to smile when your dish is smiling back at you.

I hope your having a wonderful start to 2015.  We sure are.  And I can't wait to see what will happen each day!

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