2015 Here I Come BACK!

Well happy day everyone! 

It has been a great 2014 and I am so looking forward to this new year of 2015.  With so many things that changed for me this year, I decided to make 2015 a year for celebrating positive change. 

Let's start with a quick look back at 2014.

First off I lost 115 pounds!  Yes, I lost a whole person and in doing so I became the lady that was always hiding inside.  It has been rewarding to be able to wear stylish clothes as well as look healthier.  I can not even remember a time that I could wear a medium in clothes (size 10 and 12).  My face changed so much that when I had a new drivers license made, the computer (with facial recognition programing) said that I was not me!  

Granny M
Big Bro
Second my mom and brother, Granny M and Big Bro, moved into their own home this last year.  It is the first time in my married life with Dear Hubby that we lived alone, just the two of us!  And we felt like newlyweds for so much of this year.  We rearranged the house until we had made a 3 bedroom home into a one bedroom master suite with an attached den.  Next we plan on enlarging our kitchen, thus moving our dining room and living room around to accommodate the design.  So this year hopefully we will be doing much more home improvement work.

Third was my dog sitting jobs....they grew!  I have been so blessed in having so many different people trust me with their pets.  Currently I have over 20 dogs to care for during the year.  For the first time one stayed at my home during the holidays too.  We also have one foster dog here at home that I am pretty sure we will be adopting very soon.  
Liberty, Streak & Aliah

Our pets are still my lil Aliah chihuahua that I adopted from the shelter over 7 years ago.  We have Sweet Liberty, a lab/pit mix that we adopted this year from the shelter.  Esme, a bright calico cat, that was also adopted this year from the shelter. Roslinda, our dull colored calico cat, that adopted us several years ago.  And Streak a lab/whippet mix that is the foster from the shelter currently.  Oh and let's not forget the 11 guinea chickens we also have running around the yard.  Hopefully we will have eggs come spring.  Yes we have quite a pet habit here!

Dear Hubby & Esme

Fourth was my absence from my lovely lil blog, Crazed Mind.  But that is what I plan on fixing in 2015.  Yes, I am coming back home.  This is somewhere I greatly miss being.  It had become just a job for 2013 and 2014 was my time for me to reinvent myself.  So now I am going to come back and do what I really love.  Just visit, talk, share and be me once again.  There will be some sharing of companies I am sure.  But it will not become a daily ad ever again!  That I promise you and me too.

So today is the start of sharing with you once again.  And in doing so I ask if you will be willing to share with me too.  PLEASE comment and tell me how your doing, what is going on in your life and how we can share our online friendships.  I miss talking to you...  I hope you missed me too?


  1. You are really good at this, Lenore! I love reading your blog. Big hug!

    1. Colleen, Thank you! I miss being on my blog and I am not doing the best about being here everyday as I wish to be. But I am so happy you found me here. It is where I shed the worries of what people think and just be me.


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