Why does a blog die?

I know that is what has happened here.  Also that I am the one who let it die.  But in looking at it, I am trying to understand why?

Where did I agree to let go.  And what was it that made something that was at one time so important to me become unimportant?  More so should I try and revive it or just go ahead and bury my lil place here?

This last year was one of major changes for me.  I knew that to focus on myself I would have to let go of other areas.  One was this space.  I could not work as hard as I needed to on myself and still work as hard as it takes to keep a blog running.  It is not a quick 15 minutes a day to do one if you did not know.  Those who are active bloggers understand this. So yes, I chose to step back.  But should I step back up?

Do I have a voice anymore.  Do I need this voice either.  Is there anything left to say?  I also stepped back because I felt I had become nothing but a big ad space.  While it was nice to have the items to review and check out they became my blog.  Not my thoughts or actions anymore.  Obligation ran my site not desire.  This is a double edge sword for most bloggers.  It feels like an either all or nothing thing.  Where do you find that balance?

Thus I contemplate coming back into the fold or not.  Looking at what do I want to do.  How much time do I have available and what obligations do I wish to fulfill?  Heck do I even have anyone here that reads this space?  If your here and would take half a moment to let me know, I sure would appreciate it.  It will help me decide on what is my next step too.


  1. It's okay to take a break for awhile too. I read your posts and I've been thinking about you and wondering what you have been up to these days. Sometimes life gets busy and you got to just go with it. I hope you decide to stick around though. Love ~Lauren

  2. You have asked yourself a lot of wise questions. Only you can decide. Personally, a blog would put me 6 feet under. But then, I don't have your get up and go. ;)


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