Make Us One

Saturday sometimes could not get any better than it is today.  If you was sitting here with me you might ask how I could see it that way.  It is cold outside and grey with a constant rain.  We are out of town and away from our families for the majority of the day and honestly can not even check our Facebook page on our cell phone.

But if you was with me today you would see the great part of today.  You would be with the ladies around me.  Those who I traveled with and those who traveled to join us.  You would be laughing at the amazing wit of the woman from Alaska who has just moved to Texas, oh what culture shock.  You would be wiping a tear from the corner of your eye when you recognize the same feelings being said by the speakers in front of us.  You would be thrilled to know you belonged to a group that shared so freely, so warmly and so sweetly with us.  You would understand that the theme was truly wished that it would be so.

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