Answering Our First Calling

Well  you know how it is said to be careful of what you ask for?  Yes, it is true.  I have been asking to learn.  Learn the Bible better.  Learn the Book of Mormon.  Learn how to serve others and to humble myself.  Learn how to follow my Dear Hubby and be his aide.  Learn as a child learns.

And as they often say.... It is so!

Yes, Dear Hubby and I answered a call to teach.  We will have the opportunity to learn right along side the kiddos who are just 4 to 7 years old.  I would say that we are on the same learning scale.  The only real difference is that we can read better.  Oh and know how to go to the restroom on our own pretty okay.  Well, maybe, it depends on if they have the really pretty soap out.  Then I am pretty tempted to wash my hands only like a 1000 times.  But that is not the subject.

So we were handed the Teacher copies of the learning manuals.  You know that is always the book you really wanted to have.  And of course we are coming in behind so we have to do the lessons we have missed.  This is all really going to help us to understand anything we do not.  And all from a really basic level too.  I just hope and pray that we are not shown up too terrible by the knowledge the kiddos have compared to us.  They know we are new to everything here.  

Most of all I recognize what a blessing this is for us.  One that we are trusted in our church with the children's formation.  Two that we are loved enough to be able to turn for help whenever we need it.  And most of all that we will be able to truly learn through a child's eyes and with the faith within.  

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