Little Prayers

I am so thankful for little prayers.

Every morning now Dear Hubby wakes up, rolls over, kisses me good morning.  Then he holds my hands and starts our day by saying a little prayer to God asking for guidance for our day.  It is how we now start our day.  I am so thankful for this as it seems to make us more mindful and focused.  More so we are also focused on the blessings we have too.

As my day goes on I am remembering to say prayers too.  A friend in need ask for something so I stop when I am getting in the car and say a prayer for them.  Things come together in a situation that I have been helping with so I lift up a thank you for the blessing that I just encountered.  Whatever it is that is touching my heart, it making me remember to say those prayers throughout the day.

Then each night we crawl back in bed.  Often we play on the computer.  I might write here.  Or we will read a book.  But before we click off the lights, again Dear Hubby will clasp my hands in his.  He gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me.  Then we bow our heads and he thanks God for the day we had.  Ask for the needs we saw for others or ourselves and acknowledges the blessings we also encountered.  After the amen and the snuggle together it seems that I drift off into a much better sleep then ever before.

So yes, I am very thankful to the little prayers.

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  1. This is so beautiful. Loved reading it. This will make me smile for the rest of the day.



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