Good-Bye My Dear Coffee

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Well today was a hard one for me.  I think I told you that I am trying my best to give up coffee.  Yeah!  That is a major biggie for me.  I so freaking adore coffee.  It is my drug of choice!

So I am doing my best to not drink coffee, tea or any booze.  Yeah, a three shot whammy.  It is not that I drink alcohol much ever.  And green tea is about it for me there.  But it is the never drinking it that is the hard part.   Last year I stopped drinking all sodas.  And yes it has been a year since I have had any kind of soda.  Now I am working on the biggie coffee.

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Today I took out all the alcohol.  I did not realize I had that much.  But yes a whole box, 12 bottles of the hard stuff.  Then 4 bottles of wine and a box of wine.  Nessa I took out the cleaning supplies!!!!  Also some coolers and even an odd beer.  Next I emptied all the different kinds of flavored teas from the cabinet.  That was another grocery sack in it self.  But the hard part was the coffee.  I took out the folgers and the starbucks and the dunking donuts.  I removed the coffee bean grinder even.  I bagged up a big department store bag of goodies.

But I have to say that my girl is thrilled because she is the one that is able to get all of this.  No I would never toss it in the trash as it is money that bought it all.  And yes, there is coffee still in my house for when my in laws and such come to visit.  But it is small amounts that make just a cup or two at a time.  I have not had any in a week and I am going to keep just telling myself no.

I did make myself up a batch of hot cocoa mix from scratch.  And there is some herbal tea bags on hand too.  So those will have to do for my hot drink habit.  And other wise it is flavored water and juices for me I guess.

Wish me luck friends!

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