Dirty Jobs

So when was the last time you was on your hands and knees looking at the base of your toilet?

No I was not at an all night party!

Swab used in toilet bowl to plunge out water a...
Swab used in toilet bowl to plunge out water and apply lime-removing cleaner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
But as the head honcho of my house it seems that this is a cleaning job that only goes to me.  And with two toilets here, I get to practice pretty regular.  In so it is never fun, pretty or looks really clean ever.  Is it just that we all hate the idea of cleaning the toilet?

I do not know of a nice delicate way to ever do this job.  It seems to always be a roll up your sleeves and dive right in kinda thing.  But afterwards you just wanna jump in the shower with a big ol container of sanitizer.  Right?

Since we all know that it is a job that just has to be done, what are your tricks of the trade.  Is it a wipe, dash and run?  Or do you pull out the big guns.... the bleach and attack everything?  What other clean up jobs just make you wanna go ICK!? Is there some tricks of the trade you wanna share?  Hop on down to the comments and let me know.  I am always thrilled to learn something new.

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