What is your Passion?

English: A bored person
I don't want to be a bored person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What do y'all do when you feel like you have nothing to do?

I am not a TV watcher.  As a matter of fact we removed satellite from our house and only have Netflix available.   I enjoy taking care of my home and my family.  And staying busy is really good with me.  But what do you do when your done.

The laundry is done, the floors are swept and mopped, you have dusted and scrubbed and wiped and yes cleaned the toilets.  You do not really have anything left to do.  What do you do?

Free time.  How do you fill it?  What is your passion?  Where is your drive?  Tell me.  I have to find my new one for this year and need some insight.  Please help me look around.

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