Burrr It is Cold

Oh my how are y'all handling the cold?  I am a cold whoosie.  I do not handle it well at all.  It seems that my hands and feet are always in pain from the cold air right now.  Even with layers of clothes on it is not possible to keep my hands always covered.  My feet have double socks on and shoes but it feels like my toes are ice.  So how do you handle it?  Especially those of y'all in the north.

photo by Alfred Hermida
I would hope that the outdoors become something enjoyable with the snow.  My friends from Utah are telling me that it is so much fun to ski.  Wonder if the bunny slopes would be slow enough for me?  Also there is winter time camping.  Really!  No way I could do that.  But it would be amazing to help build a snow igloo.

What is your favorite winter sports?  Myself, it seems that I am happier to stay indoors.  I do have my treadmill inside to be able to keep moving.  And I am willing to do housework as much as I can to keep my blood flowing!

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