He Is Coming Back

Well today has been a great one for me.  Not so much that anyone in the outer atmosphere would get it.  But I am so thrilled to get the news that one of the missionaries that first introduced us to the LDS church is coming back to be at our baptism.  What a wonderful surprise and gift to us.  Sure did make me cry.

Here is Nathan with Dear Hubby and I when we did a hike this last fall.  He had just returned home from his 2 year mission trip right before Christmas.  And not a month has gone by and he will get to return to us for a very short visit.  It is going to be so wonderful to hug his neck again. 

There is no way I know how to thank his parents for making this happen.  This is a gift that means so very much to us.  You know how someone comes into your life and before you know it they have become so very important.  Well that is Nathan for me.  He is one of the two that in my heart are my 'boys'.  Sure they have a task to do as missionaries.  But no where in there does it say make the mom fall in love with you as if you was one of her own children.  There are two of these young men that has touched my life so deeply that the scar from it will never go away.  Of this I am eternally grateful.

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  1. Yay! That is so wonderful for you! What a blessing :)


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