I keep going up and down just a few pounds.  You know this one right.  One down here, two up there, back and forth in the same area.  So I am trying hard to step up the exercise and watch what is going in at the same time to try and get things back in the right direction.  I am only around 11 pounds from my goal.  But I think this will be the hardest 11 pounds for me to lose.

Today this is what I accomplished.  Totals for today so far. I ate 934 calories.  That is pretty good for me honestly.  Worked out 17 miles total for 1700 calories burned. That was 11 miles on my bike. One half a mile running and 3.5 miles walking.  I enjoy working out and I spread it around during the day so it is not all go, go, go.  Not too sure I could handle that just yet.  But I am doing it steady at the same time.  At home I am also working out every other day with yoga, core exercise, aerobics, weights and strength training.  Seeing if I go back and forth it will be the right way to work out and tone.  When I can I toss in some time at the lake swimming and water exercise too.  That is the best of all.  

You would think I could kick this last bit but alas not too sure I will ever get there.  Fingers crossed though!

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