Bestest Day Ever!

It has been so nice to just sit here and relax today.  No work at all.  Yes I laid in bed til after 9 a.m.  That is unheard of for me.  But still I allowed myself a lazy day.  How often do you get that?  Rare if not ever.

Instead I have tried to enjoy a day of no expectations.  It has been pretty good.  My joys have been:

Lunch with Dear Hubby and JD's Dude.  Nice, slow pace with amazing food that we made this weekend.  Thus no big deal to heat up and eat today.

A video chat with a dear friend for HOURS!  Yes, just catching up on our days.  Yacking while we both did our day to day at our own homes.  I adore video chat where as I hate phone calls.

Sitting on my front porch (keeping up my membership in the National Porch Sitters Association) enjoying a bloody mary in a colorful glass as cars pass by.  I am seeing birds flit around.  My cat slink by and hearing the few drops of moisture that are accumulating.

Really what better day can I ask for.  No pressures.  No commitments and most of all no time constraints.  BEAUTIFUL!

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