Nonnie Camp 2014

It has been a busy two days and I am loving it.  Look at the fun we are having.

We are having a blast at the lake!

And water ballon fights are the bomb!

Who can beat banana splits for breakfast. (Hint we used frozen yogurt.)

But we still have to take care.  Thanks to Reach Complete Care all the kiddos have new toothbrushes too.  It makes me feel good to know that these will help when brushing teeth is not top priority.  

  • 13° triple angled neck to get to those pearly whites easier!
  • Triple angled bristles maximize contact with each tooth so brushing becomes a better job!
  • Bi-level bristle design with extra prominent REACH Tip™ containing whitening bristles!
  • Big Control Grip enhances control for those lil hands to hang on too!

So now we can take care of our teeth and have time to get out and play too.

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