Nonnie Camp 2014

Today was a good one.  We started off checking our out daily menu that is posted.  It is a easy day with cereal to start off breakfast.  On our to do list our first event was treasure hunting aka geo-cache hunting.

During that we found a historical marker that shared some Texas history.  I loved finding out how much the kiddos knew there.  Two treasure found, one spot located but treasure missing and two we never found.  But oh how we enjoyed the tramping around to see.

Home for lunch which is daily sandwiches.  Then dropped in to Granny M's as she made cookies for the kiddos.  Could not find flour so she subed a cup of pancake mix and a cup of instant potatoes.  And IT WORKED!  Then we popped over to the library to get night time reading.  From there walked to the town square for ice cream cones.

Back to the house for a free afternoon.  But this evening after dinner via Chef Kira (she makes a mean bean burritto), the kiddos painted their club house.  It was great to see them all going after it.  I am so tickled that I pulled a "Tom Sawyer" and let them do all the work.

In late for baths.  Oh they were needed as paint was everywhere.  Then chocolate chip cookies from when they cooked them earlier as a bed time snack.  Whew what a great second day of Nonnie Camp!

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