Nonnie Camp 2014

Today starts our annual Nonnie Camp.  This is where our grandbabe, great nieces and nephew, second cousins and close family friends gather (ages 10 to 5) stay with us.  This year it will be for two weeks.

Here is a line up of our agenda.

1. Painting and setting up a club house
2. Making fairy houses
3. Camping
4. Lake time
5. Geo-caching aka treasure hunts
6. Making kites
7. Cooking meals (each child cooks one dinner) and making desserts together
8. Drawing off and painting each child on our shed wall.
9. Making paving stones
10. Crafts and games
11. Museum

And here is the start of our group this year.

We were walking over to Granny M's place and the kiddos picked sunflowers to give to her.  This was a mile walk round trip and we plan on daily hikes.  Tomorrow is to the library and getting ice cream cones on the town square.

Just thought I would check in and let you know what I am doing.  Yes, having a blast with the babes.  Could not ask for a better vacation time.

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