Limp, Limp, Limp is the way I am walking these days.  My heel spur has flared up so bad that I am barely able to walk.  I have tried several OTC items and also prescription help from my doctor.  And of all the items I have used one old tried and true has been the one to help the most.  Let me fill you in.  But first I wish to say non of the OTC items said they were to help with heel spurs.  I have deep inflammation around my heel.  The pain is deep.  But only one item from my Doctor was prescribed.

So let's start there.  Flector Patch is a stick on patch to help with pain due to deep bruises.  It is suppose to help for 12 hours at a time.  I was to cut the pad in half (it is a large pad) and put it on the bottom of my foot and leave it on for 12 hours.  At first I was asked to let my foot rest and stay off of it.  I did this for 2 days and still no relief.  Then I was using the patches for days while doing light walking.  Still not relief at all, just pain.

Then I tried out the Salonpas that I told you about.  I had hoped it might help out.  I was really hurting and I need to move around.  Sitting is not doing me any good.  I did not notice any difference there.  But again it is not saying it would help.  More so that it was good for bruises and this is what the doctor had said to do with the other pain killer.

Next I tried Bio-Scripitives Extreme PR muscle and joint relief.  It is also a deep muscle pain reliever.  And like the above it is based around menthol.  But it was not enough for me to find any relief.  I am hoping it will be better on maybe a sore neck or aching shoulders.  It is also a NSAID like the prescription pad was.  I do love the smell of the menthol and find it comforting.  But this is not the product for my deep pain.  (This was sent for me to review.  I did use it as directed and for a deep bruise as it said it may help.  No money was exchanged as always and all opinions are my own.)

Then I went to one that I had tried some time ago.  Ateevia Botanica.  Remember it?  Yes it is a lil gritty and not the best smelling.  But I remember that my knee felt better.  So why not?  Well in two days I am able to walk without a limp.  I still feel the heel spur down deep but it is not a sharp shooting pain at all.  Also I have been able to do a mile walk, well by the end of it a mile limp.  But hey, I am up and moving.  Yipee!

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