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Is there a phrase that brings you to a spot in time or makes you feel a yearn or ache inside that is so deep that it becomes part of your fiber.  I know of just such sentences that was penned by authors, printed in books and later spoken across the big screen.  Utterings that make me feel like they echo my soul.  Times when I am so in tune to my own heart and at the same moment flashing through me is the words from some one else.  This is the power of a writer.  That they can make mere words become a trumpet of your very own ache, desire or victory.  And it is just that lil resonant sound that keeps me turning page after page after page for over 45 years.

So here we go once again with a collection of my latest reads.  Ready?  Well if not then just grab a book and start a list of your own.  (By the way while penning my own post I am in thralled with Fried Green Tomatoes on the TV, one of my all time favorite books brought to life in exquisite detail.)  Remember all of these books were sent to me for review.  None of this is paid for and all the below is my own opinion.

Happy Any Day Now by Toby Devens was right on time for my 50th birthday.  I was going through a big depression but it was helped by seeing that my lil aches was nothing to the turmoil that Judith Soo Jin Raphael is experiencing.  It can not become more stressful than the tornado of  events that are tossing her around.  All started when a fortune teller tells her what the new year holds.  Now at 50 you know that there is a turning point in your life.  You are at the point you can see your mid life sliding behind you and your elderly life coming up (normally threatening you with a cane).  But it is a storm of events for Judith.  The secret is one that I am learning and so does Judith.  Our future is our own. It is not owned by our past nor by any person that we feel an obligation too.  It can not be predicted but it can be planned out.  Just remember that most often our plans are not exact.

Faking Grace by Tamara Leigh is the second of her books I have read.  It started for me with Perfecting Kate.  This is a fun lark of a book til you get into it.  Then the lesson hits you.  We mar start out looking at ventures on the outside.  What do we have to take from it not what is there that we will grow from.  Often putting on a farce of who we are to later learn that no matter what we do it is our true self that we carry around day by day.  This is Grace, a lady that thinks she can play both sides to achieve her needs only to realize her needs are not as large as she thought.  Oh and that she is deeper inside than she wanted to look at.  "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."

A Plain Disapperance by Amanda Flower.  This is a third book in the series and I have not read the first two.  Yet this is not taking away from the story line too much.  Sadly for me I am going to have to stop accepting these Amish style books.  They are just not hitting it with me.  Not fast enough I guess.  Now I am not saying this is a bad book but a genera that is not hitting me as one I need to pick up to finish from desire.  If you like these books with a twist of mystery then here you go.  But know it is not going any faster than the horse drawn buggy on the cover.

Promise Me Something by Sara Kocek and This is How I Find Her by Sara Polsly.  These are the next two on my list.  Currently my friend Brenda has custody of them.  She is an avid reader too.  I am not familiar with either of the two Sara's writing but to have both books back to back makes me excited.  That way when I finish one the other is waiting in the wings so I will not have to leave the story line.  (My hope at least.)  This is How I Find Her should be one that I feel the echo of.  Mom is bi-polor (that's me) and her daughter is trying to help her hold it together.  Yet she should not have too.  Circumstances being what they are Sophie has a chance to change her life, at the determent of her mom.  But we have to take life as it handed to us.  Promise Me Something is one that we have almost all experienced.  Being the new kid in school and missing what we left behind.  Of course we always find a new life in the building too.  The secret is it the life we want or the the life we need?

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