The Nose Knows

Achooo!  Itchy nose and clogged up too?  Yeah it is allergy season and boy everyone around me knows it.  We have a standing order for flonase and claritin at my house.  But with the job that Dear Hubby has I think we need more.  

You see he works at a fertilizer company and it is filled with dust, dirt and 'crap' in the air.  He comes home with his nose stopped up and filled with this stuff.  I am sure it is why he has the problems he has.  Not only that but my ex has the same issue from the feed mill he works from.  It seems the air is just filled with stuff flying around.  I know the amount of dust and pet hair in my own home is overwhelming to me.  So how do we keep our nasals cleaned out?

Well have you tried saline solutions?  Yeah you know.  Squeeze the bottle and a pffft of liquid goes up.  Then a drop or two comes down.  How is that to clean out your nasal passage from the dirt, dust and chemicals we are exposed too?  Arm & Hammer had Simply Saline that can meet the needs of the littlest baby to the oldest man  It is sterile saline nasal mist that  is drug free.  Just saline to wash out your nasal passages.  The difference?  Well it is in a pressure can that sprays up into your nose.  The pressure helps it wash out the debris from you nose.  Then (be over the sink or have a rag to use at your nose) it flows out taking the ick with it.  Gentle enough to be used yet powerful enough to be effective.

Oh and like I said can be used by everyone!  Just look and see.  

Drug-free mist cleans dust, dirt, pollen and congestion from nasal passages for instant nasal congestion relief.

Drug-free, hypertonic (extra strength) solution ideal for allergy and sinus relief.

Drug-free, natural formula safely cleans and moisturizes irritated, tender noses.

Unique all-in-one delivery system safely and gently cleans and moisturizes irritated, tender noses.

The only Neti pot solution made with salt and realARM & HAMMER™Baking Soda. Flushes out nasal mucus and allergens.

100 Saline Nasal Irrigation Packets made with salt and realARM & HAMMER™Baking Soda to help prevent burning & stinging.

Homeopathic formula which temporarily relieves symptoms associated with colds.

Natural eucalyptus and hypertonic (extra strength) solution helps relieve nasal congestion for a better night's sleep.

Drug-free nasal moisturizer provides long lasting nasal moisturization and relieves soreness around the nose.

Homeopathic formula which temporarily relieves symptoms associated with colds.

We have cans for everyone everywhere now.  To share with JD for sleep at night.  Oh and the new grand nephew babe that was just born.  (Hey mom and dad I have your bottles here waiting for lil Brian!)  Dear Hubby has a can as well as the ex too!  Like I said we have it all over the place.  Fall here we come!

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