Here is the Big 5 0 Haul

I told you that I would show you my birthday gifts.  Well better late than never.  So here we go.

I was so so so blessed!

This beautiful purple orchid plant.  My first ever!  Yes, 50 years old and have never been given an orchid even as a corsage.  I felt so honored.  Thank you Ginny, Scott and Linda.

This is the truth and my dreams are true with my Dear Hubby, loving children and family and friends who support me.  Thanks to DeDee and Daniel for helping me keep that focus everyday.

My boho purse from Dear Hubby.  Oh he knows the hippie in me.

Tammy of Love My 2 Dogs was the sweetest blogger ever to have these delivered to me.  What a wonderful surprise for my surprise party.

Dear Hubby knows I adore bright colors and he made sure that I had a special bunch of poseys to  smile with.

Princess Emma looked all over for the Special-ist of all bowls for me.  I wonder if this is to become a candy dish too?  I know it is already a family treasure.  

Granny M really pulled out all the stops and hand made me a quilt.  This is so special as it is to replace the one that I lost in our house fire many years ago.  Sneaky woman made it while I was house sitting this summer.  Had everyone looking out for when I would come home to warn her.  That way I never saw it til she was done.

The Other Mother and Poppa gave me the sweetest of wines from Cupcake wineries.  Oh I loved this import.  As a matter of fact purchased another bottle later to drink alone!  

There is a beautiful silver necklace on the left that my great niece and nephew gave me.  It is just the right length.  So hard to do for us larger than life ladies.  Also you see a special cup and platter that The Other Mother made for me.  My cup has my nickname of Tuzy on it and the platter celebrated my 50th in a fun uplifting way.
There is also the fun glasses and all of the decorations that she provided.

Here is my celebration wine glass that The Other Mother provided too.  I know that the inspiration will help me when I am feeling low.  She is the most amazing friend.  I am so glad my ex hubby picked her out as a partner.

JD, you special girl, fulfilled my dream and purchased me a PINK tablet.  Now I can get up and go anywhere and still stay in touch with you.  Isn't she wonderful for doing that?

Well this was the best of it.  I hope I did not leave anyone out.  Oh Jennifer and Romy gave me a topper for my bed to make it super soft and cooler for my hot flash nights.  Julie did the greatest in helping me have a girls vacation.  She also provided me a silicone cover for my pie crust so they will not burn and I do not have to deal with my aluminum allergy!  Way to go.

This was the best of birthdays especially since I was dreading the big 5 0 as it was.  I so appreciate all the love and support I have.  I am a very blessed woman!  Thanks everyone.


  1. looks like you have some special people in your life that make you feel special, too. :)

    i just recently turned 50 this july. kinda hard to wrap my mind around it at first, but i'm getting used to it, i guess. :)

    thanks for your visit today! laughed at the deep sh*t cattle co. gate! love it!!!

  2. Looks like you had a great Birthday! It's funny that you like bright flowers because what I had picked out what bright colors but they didn't have anything bright. :( I love the daisy that they turn the really bright colors, it adds so much personality to a room. Glad you had a great day!


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