Blessed with Dear Hubby

Strike up the band folks.  

We live in a very small town.  But the one next to us is tiny.  It is darling though.  This weekend they had their pioneer days festival.  Dear Hubby lived there for a time as a young boy so it was wonderful to 'go home' and visit.  

We spent a long time at the lil local museum that is now open.  Dear Hubby had so much to talk about and share.  Learning about those he use to know, families that started the community and shared about his family.  You see his family use to own the local grocery store.  Today it has been restored and become a wonderful steak house.  We was able to not only have a wonderful lunch there, Dear Hubby took me back for steak dinner.  It was to die for delicious food.  Here is a photo of Katy's Steak House in Blanket Texas.  We was able to give them a copy of the same building when it was Blanket Grocery back in the 1970's.  It was so nice to share some of the history of the building with the current owners.  They have taken such time and devotion to make their restaurant into a historical piece of their community.

It has been a wonderful weekend.  I can not tell you how amazing it has been to share time with Dear Hubby.  We are so lucky to have a relationship that is based on respect and trust.  The last ten years have been filled with ups and downs but the growth in our relationship has just deepened our love each and every year.  I know I am really blessed.

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