Dear Hubby Scored

I told you that yesterday was my 10th anniversary.  Dear Hubby did a wonderful job of making it special for me.  First off we learned that the traditional gift is made from tin.  So it was so perfect when he gave me a pink tin hummingbird feeder.  Isn't it so pretty?  I love knowing that we can start bringing hummingbirds to our yard.  I already know that if I mix 1 part sugar with 3 parts water the birds will love it.  I have made this up for my houses I sit at.  

He also had my very favorite flowers delivered to me.  The flower for August (my birthday month) is gladiolus.  I adore the way they bloom over and over again as the flowers open up down the stalk.  This is first time he has had flowers delivered to me.  Perfect color too.  Lovely to look at.  

I have to say Dear Hubby is so good at making me feel like the most amazing woman.  It has been a blessing to be with him for the last ten years.  And now I can not wait for the next forty more years to come!

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