Happy Anniversary Glam

Today is my anniversary. Number 10 as a matter of fact. And tonight Granny M is taking the family all out to celebrate. Yes I will have time with Dear Hubby later alone. But first it will be wonderful to celebrate together just like we did when we were married. Big Bro was the one who did our ceremony and he will be there tonight too. Of course we also have to have Princess Emma, The Other Mother and Poppa because hey that is the way we roll.

So I need to start getting ready.  And I am so lucky to have Glam Pact here to help me out.  Mine is like the pink one on top.  But I will show it to you as I get my 'face' on.  Tell me how I do!
The GlamPact starter set includes: · Light Up Vanity Mirror · Light Switch and USB cable port for charging + USB cable · Anti-Aging and Moisturizing Superfection™ Pressed CC Powder SPF 30 in Light and Medium · Double-sided Cosmetic Sponge · Anti-Aging Cheek Colors Trio: Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter · Anti-Aging Eye Colors · Moisturizing and Plumping Lip Colors · Tool Drawer: Lip Brush, Cheek Fan Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Dual-sided Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Brush GlamPact retails for $100 and is available in Light Pink or Black.

Well here is my before no make up just normal everyday me look.

My Glam Pact arrived in a nice lil velvet bag.

The Glam Pact has a usb cable so you can charge the battery up to power the lights.

Yes we have our own lil make up table now!

I love the sliding tray system.  And amazing enough these colors come with the light pink pack.  They are just the colors I would chose for my light skin tone too.

First the powder base.  OMG this is the softest sponge I have ever used.  It is like fur gliding across my face.  I love it.

The eye liner and brow liner is right here in the package.  Just use the brush to apply.

A lil bit to help bring out my brows.

Then around my eyes.  Wow don't they seem bigger!

Blend in the eyeshadow next.

Sweep of the cheek and I have a light blush too.

Time to do the lips up.  I am so glad everything in here is so light.  It goes on without feeling heavy.  Now I understand the cost of this makeup.  I have never felt more like I was not wearing make up when it on.

This is the after with the makeup from Glam Pact.  But I am missing my lashes.

So a quick sweep up here and there with this cool mascara brush.

This is from Avon and I love the way it works.

Okay all done now.  How do I look now.  Light natural yet accented right.  What do you think?

Dear Hubby here I come.  Oh wait, I have to go change now!

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  1. wow! great job! you are beautiful without but fancier with!!!


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