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I want to tell you a story of something that went wrong that ended up going very very right.  We all hate it when things do not work out but we understand that hopefully things can be worked out.  That not only happened til I was over whelmed with joy.

The company Bulu Box had contacted me (through a PR rep) about doing a review.  I looked them up online which is my custom.  When that was done I thought why not just try them out instead of having the PR firm send me samples.  I mean it is only $10 for a month to try them out.  Wait you want to know what is Bulu Box?  Here is their description.

"Bulu Box is the best way to discover vitamin, supplement, health and weight loss products! You can choose between Bulu Box or Bulu Box Weight Loss. Click here to determine which is right for you. Once you're signed up, you can earn an easy 50 points (that's $5!) or more each month by reviewing, sharing and completing short surveys about your products and samples. Use your Reward Points to purchase full-size versions of the products you like best. "

Well I signed up for the weight loss sample box.  You know that is my focus right now.  This was done and then I waited.  What should it take to process and mail out, a few weeks?  Well a month (to the day) went by and it still showed that the order was processing.  Yes, processing.  Not even shipped out yet.  I was not happy about this at all.  I contacted Bulu Box on their facebook page and also sent out a tweet to them.  In a matter of minutes I had a response to send them an email and let's try and get this worked out.  Well that was fast.  But what I did not expect was that the companies co-founder and CEO contacted me back asap.  As a matter of fact he also made sure I had his personal cell phone number in order to contact him if things did not go well.  Soon afterwards I had other emails on having this error fixed with great apologies.  

Better yet my Bulu Box arrived very soon afterwards.  It was loaded with samples for me to try.  A sample journal to fill out so I could track how each sample worked for me personally.  (This is in every box!)  And a wonderful personal card letting me know that yes I was thought of by the team at Bulu Box.  (Thanks Baileigh!)  I even have this super cool photo that was sent to me online from them sharing love to Crazed Mind!  I am appreciative that they stopped and took the time to explore my blog, lift the logo for the sign and pose for the photo.

Now what did I get in my box you say.  Well here we go:

UrgentRX Headache Relief To-Go.  This is a powder pack in lemon lime that can be mixed in water or poured on the tongue (remember BC powders) but with better flavor.  With a combination of aspirin and caffeine it sure has come in handy for a headache that was threatening to become a migraine for me.  Whew!  Yes, it worked too!  I would love to have several of these in my purse and car glove box.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart.  These are raw shelled hemp seeds that you can put on cereal, yogurt or salad.  I have never had hemp seeds before so it was a lil unnerving to me.  10 grams of protein is a positive when your on a diet and needing to keep up your energy.  But at the same time it is very high in natural fat too!  If your like me and doing WW it is 4 points plus.  Now if your working out and need to have the extra to keep you going then this is very likely for you.

Celsius Negative Calorie Energy Drink.  Now your talking.  Anything that can help me burn calories is my buddy.  Mix this in with water like you do any number of drink mixes.  I loved the orange flavor when I took it with me on my walk.  Yes, I am walking only.  My heel spur has me going slow but it was great to have that lil burst of energy from this ice cold drink.

Garden of Life RAW Organic Meal.  34 grams of!  Vegan, gluten free, dairy free and soy free.  Also non GMO.  This was in Vanilla Spiced Chai flavored that I mixed up with water but would enjoy more in milk myself.  You might want to do with almond or rice milk though.  Remember I am on WW so it is 4 points plus too before mixing.  But it is also a wonderful meal replacement too.  I felt full but not bloated.  What a plus that is!  I am looking this one up online to see about ordering for a regular addition to my life!  

Shapeology Burn Blend.  This is the lil magic pill I am looking for.  Yeppers it exist.  This is to help mimic the effect of a high metabolism (that I do not have) that should help me lose weight faster.  Whoot!  I am telling you this is one I am going to be watching the effects of!  

Daily Burn.  This is 30 days of free workouts and $20 of store credit to use on their supplements if so desired.  I am glad that I have time to try this out.  I have to let my heel heal first.  But set it up and work out at home in front of any item you have that has internet to it.  Top it off it is affordable.  Yes....only $10 a month to work out daily.  Beats gym prices all to hell!  And no one else sees my fat jiggle while I am working it off either.  

Now because of the late arrival of my box Paul, Baileigh and Adam sent me some of their favorite samples too.  Paul I am so curious as to which was your favorites.  You see Paul lost over 100 pounds.  So he does understand the way it feels to fight and struggle.  Here is my list of extra samples.

Eruption effervescent energy.  Yes, another drink mix.  This one is "sparkly" though!
Eat Green  100% organic edible green tea that you can sprinkle on anything you desire or mix into shakes and smoothies.  Why?  Great antioxidant boost along with the energy kicker.

Go Brew.  This is a electrolyte drink tablet.  Yes, workout hard and play harder?  Well make sure you stay hydrated and keep your levels well level.  Puts a whole new meaning in pop pop fizz fizz!

Q Speed.  What?  Speed!  No it is CoQ10 that helps with your heart and cellular energy.  This is a fast melt that you just pop in your mouth.  Not bad either.

YogaTV.  Another online 30 day workout trial.  This is one I can do while healing too.  Yipee!

Thera-gesic.  Oh yes!  Pain relieving cream that is just what I need.  I want a bathtub of this at times.  From my heel to my knees to my back all the way up to that crick in the neck.  Have used this before and know I will continue.

Well as you can see I am happy with my Bulu Box.  As you can see I did not get this for free.  I did subscribe to Bulu Box to try it out.  I did have a bad experience at first.  But amazing personal customer service has made me feel so much better.  Oh and yes, Paul did offer me half off of 3 months of service as an apology for that screw up.  So at $10 a month I am saving $15 for the 3 months.  Thank you Paul.  Thank you Baileigh for the lovely note in my box.  And I did not forget you Adam.  Thank you too for making sure this all went smoothly.  I will be returning as a customer.

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  1. Shapeology Burn Blend....I will need more information on this as you use it...I may have to look into that myself. :D


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