7 lbs down for the week!

Yes I am down 7 more pounds.  That makes me very proud.  Also if you look at the ticker above for the very first time that I can ever remember I am under the 100 pound mark of how much I have to lose!  That is very very signifiant to me.  I have be more than 100 pounds overweight for longer than I can remember.  So that helps me see a lil tiny light at the end of the tunnel.  

Beside doing weight watchers, I am also using Map My Walk as an app for my exercise.  Today I started at 4 pm and headed toward my husbands work.  I knew no matter how far I made it in an hour I would have a ride home.  So I just kept walking toward his work.  I made it 3 miles and could see the company down the road.  Did not make it there but was close.  3 miles in 1 hour is really good for me.  True I was limping as my heel spur is not gone away.  Still I am working hard at moving as much as I can.  That walk also burned up over 600 calories!

At weight watchers I am having to make sure to get my points in and keep my tracker more level.  This last week was a very up and down thing.  This is going to come in time with me learning more and more each time.  Even though I am not denying myself foods I really really want.  Honestly this last week I had donuts, white wine, fried catfish and pizza.  No not at one time and still within limits but nothing was told I could not have it.  Just had to count it and chart it.  I did use up all of my extra points too.  So my goal this week is to not use the extra points all up and add in more with my exercise.

Next monday is my first appointment with the gastric surgeon.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Keep up the good work!! Have you seen a foot dr for your heel spur? I had them and they taped my feet and it helped tremendously plus I bought those gel inserts for my shoes. Heel spurs are a pain in the.......well feet. Make sure you take care of them so you don't have to have surgery on them tootsies!


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