Works Too Good?

Today I am looking for solutions to problems.  So I am wanting to know what works and what does not work.  Some of these answers I have found.  Thus I thought I would share with you.

ChemDry Carpet Stain Extinguisher Carbonated Spot Remover.  A green certified product that you are able to shoot directly on a stain to remove it.  Well yes it will take the spot out.  And it will clean the spot.  But it then makes everything else around it look dingy as can be so now we have a spot from the cleaner.  See?

One of the dogs was ill and had a bad accident on my lovely FLOR tiles.

So I thought this was the perfect time to try out the Chem Dry.

Yes it sprayed right on and started taking the stain out right before my eyes.

See the lovely white line in the middle of the icky spot!

Now see the amazing clean area that I ended up using the WHOLE can of spot remover and now have one big clean spot.

I can see why there is a 10% coupon on the side of the can.  You would have to call them to get the whole carpet as clean as the spot you cleaned.  

Thankfully I then used the Pet Odor Extinguisher in my Shark carpet cleaner.  This way I could clean the complete FLOR rug and make sure that there was not an odor.  I do give credit.  The Pet Odor Extinguisher (a liquid in a bottle) did work great in the Shark.  They also have a degreaser and a cinnamon deodorizer.  It says on their web site that if you purchase three of their products on Amazon then you also will have free shipping.  So does it work.  Yes.  But not as a stand alone product.  I would have to still use my shark to clean the whole carpet.  I am thinking of purchasing the three bottle sale on Amazon and attacking a horrid looking area rug.  Then using the Pet Odor Extinguisher in the Shark like I did with this one and cleaning the whole carpet.  Once it is all dry I could put it back in my living room.  

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