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I have to say that giving is one of my favorite things to do.  So of course I share all the time.  Currently there are so many items that I have been sharing with my family and friends.  Now I want to tell you about them too.  And naturally I will have something to share with you too!

Granny M is enjoying the lil bit of cooler weather (in other words we are in the 90's now) and has ventured back out to the porch for her daily reading time.  We are so lucky to have many books arrive but the one that is always snatched right up is the Chicken Soup books.  Currently Granny M is reading From Lemons to Lemonade.  I love the belief that we are to make lemonade when life gives us lemons.  But hey spice it up and add some cucumbers and ginger to it.  That translates to keeping a positive attitude while you make your life both happy and interesting.  It is our job to do this, no one else.  So when reading Chicken Soup for the Soul stories it is uplifting to see this very belief shown to be so over and over again.  Granny M is one of these people.  She has had a hard life full of even harder work.  But she does not stop or give up.  Instead she always looks on how to make life for her happy and full of spice.  Then she is able to share with others as well as myself.  What a great example.

Next there is Princess Emma.  She has started school, second grade this year.  It is a run run run life for her too.  I have never known this lil lady to slow down.  So it is only natural I had to share some of the coolest kicks with her.  Kids Foot Locker allowed me to pick out a new pair of shoes for her.  I had to go for the shoes that were my very first athletic shoe.  My how they have changed since then.  But I went with Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars in pink and lime green.  I loved how these shoes fit my foot like a glove when I was in school.  I have never had another shoe that has ever done that.  I know that Princess Emma has been running all around in her shoes at school now. With more than 300 locations across the country, Kids Foot Locker offers the largest selection of brand-name athletic footwear, apparel and accessories for children. You also should know that there is Free Shipping Over $50 with code IP222W57 at  So pop over and find the back to school items your kiddos desire.

Speaking of shoes and Princess Emma (can a girl have too many shoes?) we also shared the Zappos Enzo Drea shoe.  This is the best combination between a girls dress up shoe and a safe shoe to move around it.  You see it has the glitter and flash for the Father/Daughter dance while having a safe rubber sole that grips.  I know that Granny M would love to have this shoe in her size.  It would be so dressy and comfortable.  There are large sparkles across the straps and silver thread throughout the whole shoe.  Sadly I can not find these shoes on Zappos still.  But I did find them here if you wish to pick up a pair.

I have been sharing with my niece too.  DD has battled sever acne for over ten years now.  It seems that nothing has ever cleared it up.  But she was getting married this month and I wanted her to have the best face possible to show off on her special day.  Thus I shared the BAXT Cosmedical Acne Kit in Level II. It’s much stronger than most other acne products available without a prescription. It includes Level 2 Cleanser, Exfoliating Pads, Acne Fighting Gel, Oil Free Light Moisturizer. You can use this kit if you have moderate to severe acne. It should not be used if you have an allergy or sensitivity to benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions.  It has helped DD some but has not completely cleared up her bumps.  I think she will have to see a physician to ever get any father.  It is nice to see a difference.  I just wish it was to the extent she desired.  But I still have my fingers crossed as she has only been using this for the last month.

Now for my last share share.  It is a goodie bag from Natural Life.  I love this company.  It is just fun as can be and stays so up beat.  Let me show off my goodies that I am sharing and using myself.

I shared the Laguna Beach Bracelet/Hairbands with The Other Mother. So cute transitioning from bracelet to hairband in just a second. I love this much better than the ruffle ones most people have wrapped on their wrist.  She also has an iPhone where I do not.  There is the darling pink 3D owl phone cover that sure does make her black one look just dull.  Isn't it adorable?  She is also sporting the Fuzzy Ear Buds.  Soft as can be while delivering great sound.  I have watched more shows this last week on Netflix with these plugged in. (Yeppers I snagged these!)  It has been so much fun playing with all of the Bohemian chic items that Natural Life shared with us.  There is also the useful chip clips that could be made easy enough but was cool to have them in the bag already.  But I kept the Boho Bandeau for myself.  It is the most versatile head wrap I have ever had.  This is just a fun easy way to have one item do so many different styles.  Just look for yourself.


All of these items were delivered in a recycled tote bag that I plan on sharing with my sister in law.  Her and my brother travel from south Texas to Colorado following the RV snow birds around.  It is not only a fun lifestyle but they also have their business that is centered around the RV life.  So do you not think this is the best bag for her?  TOO PERFECT!

It gets better than that.  Natural Life is going to share with you too.  Yes, they are putting together a goodie bag just for you.  I did not handpick these items, they did.  Pretty neat that they know just what I like so well.  So if you would like for them to pick out some fun bright colorful items to stuff your bag with then just enter on the rafflecopter form below.  And while your at it, tell someone else to come and enter.  You know sharing always makes you feel good.

I do also wish to thank all these companies for the above review items.  They were all sent so I could check them out and give you my honest opinion.  You know I do just that.  If you wish to check them out then please do so.

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  1. earbuds sound good...I don't have an iPhone so the cover wouldn't do me any good.

  2. I love all of the owl stuff - especially the Owl Key Cap and the Wooden Chip Clips With Words! And the No Place Like Home Boho Pillow is awesome! And I already have the Owl Soap Dispenser - but I need one more for the kitchen!
    ~Liz N


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