Lil Less Lines

I think it is time for a lil spa day care.  Hey that is the way I want to think of taking care of myself.  As a treat not as a chore.  Especially since so much is showing up with lines, wrinkles and spot.  ICK....nothing like making skin care like housework than seeing the effects of aging.  

Thus I am now running into the bathroom for a lil spa time.  Come on, go with me.  I am playing with Freeman Vita-K Professional products to help reduce some of these signs of aging.  Having just turned 50 I know I had better get on the ball or else I will just fall to pieces.  

I have had one spot showing up for a few years on my left hand.  It is there just below the knuckle.  You do not see it here so dark but I do when I am staring at my hand.  I am going to be using the Age Spots product to help it fade.  Also this will be giving me time for a lil hand massage too.  Oh that feels ever so nice!

Now here at the side of my eyes are my crow's feet or better known as laugh lines.   Yes those crinkled up areas that just increase with happiness.  I plan on also seeing if the Vita-K might help with the lines and bags under my eyes.  Oh how I am hating the effects of aging.   But a few drops and now time to smooth away some of these worries.

Oh deep facial lines is not the word for the crevices across my forehead.  Worry and stress does this to you.  Add in years of deep depression and I have worked hard on making a map out of the top of my head.  Worst part about it is that I like wearing my hair off of my face so there is no covering this up.  Well now I am going to gently rub in some of the lotion and ease ease ease away the tension.  Given time I pray many of these lines go away.

Well I started this blog on the first of August.  Here I am at the end of the month.  Do you see a difference?  I do!  Thanks to #VisiblyVitaK for sending me these products.  And thanks also to +K Klout perks for sharing with me.  Great networking. 

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