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Do you have those days where you swear you are swimming in jello.  No matter how fast you try to go it seems that time is slowing you down.  Exerting more and more energy is only draining you?  Yeah, thought so.  So you also know that feeling that is more than déjà vu.  Where if you could just stop everything quick enough you think you could put your hand out and touch time.  

Yes, I deal with life like that too often.  Too real to the point of being surreal.  It is where you feel that you are Chasing Memories.  I was so drawn in to the world of Reagan for just this feeling.  Being in the pages of the book was too close to being in a life you have not yet lived but still feel familiar with.  Right up to the point of the last page.  That echo.  That lil quiver of remembering the place you have been.  I had to share this book with Josh.  He has read other books that I have had for review.  But this was one that I hoped would bring the same type of quiver, resonance to him.  We will see?  In the meantime I want you to see if you are able to also join in on Chasing Memories.

Thanks to Tribute Books and Tia Silverthorne Bach for sharing with us.  I hope that you would like to have the chance to share this experience.  If nothing else how about the ability to share in $25 via Amazon gift card or PayPal cash?  Yeah, you know what I am talking about.  Just read on down, feel the quiver and then join in on the giveaway.  More than enough to get a copy for yourself.

Oh and make sure you check out Tia Silverthorne Bach's web site.  Depression Cookies.  Really seems like I am there.  Her blog is close to the same on blogger.

Chasing Memories 
There isn’t another way; not now. The others are coming. I can’t let them have you…

Seventeen-year-old Reagan has a problem: She can’t remember what happened the night her brother was taken.

Now, the dreams haunting her from the incident are becoming more intense by the day. All the while, the lines between what’s real and what’s a product of her paranormal-obsessed mind are becoming blurred.

Is she losing her mind or has she just stepped into a world she thought only existed in books?

Caught in a web of worried parents, competing boys, Wiccan relatives, protective amulets, and psychiatrist babble, Reagan must determine the truth before it’s too late.

Tia Silverthorne Bach
Tia Silverthorne Bach is an avid reader, sometimes runner, involved wife and mother, and rabid grammar hound in addition to being a multi-genre writer. Her three daughters were born in Chicago, San Diego, and Baltimore; and she feels fortunate to have called many places home. She's the award-winning co-author of Depression Cookies, a coming of age story written with her mother. Tia's office is wherever her laptop takes her and any place that's conducive to allowing a wild imagination like hers to flourish.

Prices/Formats: $3.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback

Pages: 296
Publisher: self-published
Release: May 22, 2013

Kindle buy link ($3.99)
Amazon paperback buy link ($12.99)
Barnes and Noble paperback buy link ($12.99)

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  1. You gotta feel for characters in paranormal novels. They're up against so much that's out of the ordinary. I'm glad you tapped into that feeling with your review, Lenore. :-)

    P.S. Happy belated 50th Birthday!
    (And I love the new design of your blog, it looks great!)

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely review (the quiver part made my day) and for hosting me today. I join Nicole in wishing you a very happy 50th. I hope Josh likes the book as well.


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