Oh Aging Aches

Okay I am going where I should not go.  Be forewarned this is old folks land.  So if you can not handle the ick and creak and just get on with life that goes with aging you better skee-dattle on out of here for this one.

Yeah, feeling it today.  Slept wrong and my shoulder blade feels like it has been lifted up and put in the wrong spot.  I have a heel spur that has flared up and I am limping around with a walker.  Really, a walker!  I can barely put any weight on my left foot.  Oh and then there is what eating at the mexican restaurant did to me.  Food yummy going in.   But then....yeah not so afterwards.  

So what is a gal to do.  I can't slow down.  Too many responsibilities for that.  So I am going to use the Solonpas Deep Relieving Gel on my shoulder blade.  It is a clear liquid that goes on quickly and cool.  I have used it on my knees and ankle already.  Dear Hubby can take a dime size of this and rub it into my slipped shoulder blade.  I love that it is not greasy either. Maybe while he is there he can pull the knife out that I am feeling.  Have you seen the commercials for Solonpas yet?  I did on TV and even found it at the local Family Dollar store.  It is all topical with camphor, menthol and methyl salicylate.  Now I know the first two ingredients but honestly have no idea what the third one is.  We have four tubes of this that has been dished out to all of us old fogies here, Granny M, Big Brother, Dear Hubby and myself.  Seems we all have some sort of joint pain everyday.  I am glad this is so affordable.  Now what I really want to try out is the Salonpas Pain Relief Patch and Arthritis Patch.

Now that mexican dinner last night.  I have cut out the greasy food so much that it did not stick with me at all.  Being a Texan, well I just had to have those jalapenos too.  Good as can be going in with a big ol glass of cold ice tea.  But once I was home it was run to the bathroom time.  Yeppers the grease went right through me.  So did the peppers.  OUCH!  Got me a good burn going on.  I have RectiCare here for Dear Hubby.  It is a lidocaine cream that works as a local anesthetic.  So yes, relief to that burning sensation.  Whew!  Hey if you have issues down there and want to know what they might be.  Go check out the "what's wrong" page.  

Who said growing old is not for sissies was so right.  I wish to thank Salonpas and RectiCare for providing for me.  It seems the know what I need before I do.  But with having these items here I was ready when the time came.  These were provided for review purposes.  Nothing is ever paid for on my page either unless stated at the very beginning of the post.  Just so you know.

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