I Live

Wow here I am....again.

Now before I get back to work and oh my is there ever so much to do, let me say I missed you.  It has been one thing after another around here.  I have tons to tell you and show you and share with you.

Quick updates.

1.  I am old.  Turned 50.  Had a melt down.  Had a better birthday after that.  Will share soon...promise.
2.  Not been home, house sitting while fighting my ever so lovely mental illness of depression.  I promise you it is horrid trying to get work done when you can not seem to function to do the everyday have toos.  Now I am behind worse than ever.  But I will get caught back up.
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3.  Finally arrived home to have my internet service down.  That really did not help.
4.  Electric issues at home and lost my computer.  It is being fixed soon.  But amazing wonderful good news in the meantime.  My nephew-in-law (is that a word?)  came to my rescue in a major way.  I am sitting here with working internet (thanks to him too) and typing on my very own........  MACBOOK AIR!  Yes you read that right.  He brought me his laptop and GAVE it to me.  I am totally floored.  So much here I can not put it all in words but hope to do so soon too.

Now then.  Tons to do.  So much and so little time.  Thus, time for me to get to work.  No sleep for me tonight so forgive the barrage of work that is going to erupt now.


  1. how awesome to have such caring and awesome people in your life!

  2. well congratulations on having such a wonderful "gift" from an awesome person - I wonder if he knows just how wonderful he is?

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