Veg Time!

Well it is the end of the month so I think it is time for another DVD round-up.  Yeppers for all the ones we have watched all month yet did not share with you.  I have been holed up here and there with a good show.  Time for me sometimes.  Other times I have been able to share with others.

My first is one I wanted to share with my Grandbabe the Turtle.  He so loves VeggieTales.  This is something I have always fostered since I believe VeggieTales to be a wonderful learning tool.  Being based on Christian lessons while also singing the silliest songs that stick in your head like an earwig.  I have MacLarry & The Stinky Cheese Battle.  You can also pop over and play games to go along with the video here.  This was a great DVD teaching how to get along with others.  And my, did they ever cut the cheese in this one!

Next was one that I thought Princess Emma and Autumn would really love.  The Princess Twins of Legendale available only at Target is a real joy to watch.  This was so magical watching two sisters who had been seperated come together to help those around them.  It is like watching these two lil girls, Emma and Autumn, play.  Each giving what they know the best while working together to make the whole experience enjoyable.  A dance of love and friendship is how I see The Princess Twins.  Better still is that this is the first in a series.  So more to come!

JD swept in and scooped up some of my videos too.  She may be all grown up but her childhood favorites are still around.  JD started off reading R. L. Stine's series of books, Goosebumps.  This moved on to a series of shows called The Haunting Hour.   JD would be glued to the television watching this to see could she be scared.  Sometimes she was laughing saying "this is not fearful" and other times you could see her with covers pulled up to her eyes as she watched.  Now she has scored volume 5 and 6 of The Haunting Hour from Shout! Factory.   You can also catch this show on Saturdays at 6 and 6:30 p.m. on the HUB Network.

Now the one that I really enjoyed the most was The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec.  This is a brand new journey with our heroine who not only embraces history she is there to bring it alive.  From mummies to dinosaurs to taking on death itself, Adele does not back down.  I love seeing this set in 1912 showing a way of life that did not have our conveniences yet they felt that everything was so very new and modern.  Work had been made easier in the age of the machine.  Shout! Factory once again provided this one for me and I bow to them for sharing a stellar film.

Our newest family edition is JD's fellow, Josh.  He has not been left out.  For while I was being pilfered by my lovely daughter he noticed Kaijudo: Rise of the Dual Masters- Darkness of Heart DVD here.  Now this is one that will build on as it goes into the gamers life.  If you was ever a Magic or D & D fan you know what I am talking about.   The look of the film is very much an anime style but the story line is one of being brave and knowing that one must always help others.  I see how this story line is building and can be used quickly to link to the online games of Battle Game and Kaijudo Online.  This is also a series on the HUB that you can look up and view.  Once again thanks ever to Shout! Factory.  This was a score when Josh snatched it up.  It looks like no matter your age we are all still children at heart.

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