Well as you may have guessed by now I am running as fast as I can.  There are so many projects that I am working on too.  Tomorrow starts our 2013 Gift Guide.  Yeah, I know.  How can it be time to start thinking about that.  I debated do I start in October.  But if I did then you have one month to order any items and have them shipped.  Not fair at all.  So yes, we are working on the 2013 Gift Guide for Crazed Mind already.  I do not have a graphic yet.  Was trying to make one online tonight.  Not doing to well with that so far.  What do you think about this one?

It has the words needed with my signature pink on it.  There is also the color green for the fir trees, icy white for the winter snow and then the pop of red on bottom to go with Santa's outfit.  Well I will see?  I will be having a new tab on the top of the page up there.  Yes it will be for all of the gift guide items to be posted for the complete season.  Do not forget the giveaway tab for I will be loading up on those all we can.  What is gifts if you do not get to receive?  

Oh and I am adding another tab on top.  Yeah going tab crazy.  This is for my new journey.  I have been approved by my insurance company for gastric sleeve bypass surgery.  Yipee!  There will be a journey there and I want to keep notes.  So that will be where you will be able to track what I am doing and how things are going.  I am going to have to get a weight loss ticker too.  You see I started this summer at 267 lbs.  Yes I said it.  Currently I am wavering at 247 lbs.  So it is a 20 lb drop.  I have tons more to go.  I am starting up Weight Watchers too.  Why?  Well for the support, learning how to look at food and weighing what I eat.  Every lil thing will help me succeed.   Here is a ticker showing from where I started at my heaviest.  

What else?  Do I need a what else?  Well our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up.  Totally thrilled about that.  Dear Hubby is always so supportive of me.  I could not ask for better.  

Tired so off to bed for now.  But watch as things start happening really fast now!

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