New Grandbabe on the Way

I have a new Grandbabe on her way.  I am so excited.  It is going to be great to see her when she arrives into this world.  The only difference between this time for a birth and the birth of her brother is that there is not going to be a baby shower.  Her mom feels that it is too hard on her to accomplish.  Thus she will wait to have her daughter and then others are able to share with her as they choose.  I have a few things put up for her and even something for myself too!

Granny M has made her some handmade bibs.  She had done some for her other great grandson and my great nephew also.  We also have a few outfits that have been picked up here and there.  But I love these two items from bumkins.  Since my new Grandbabe will be a fall baby she will be going into winter in no time at all.  So we have her a beautiful pink waterproof stroller blanket that has butterflies all over it.  It is important for mom and babe to get out and enjoy the days as much as possible.  Texas has mild weather but it can still be quite a chill for babies.  The waterproof blanket has four adjustable velcro straps to help close it up to your stroller to keep the chill out.

We also have the bumkins Cat in the Hat Splat Mat.  This mat is so versatile.  Starting off as a place to roll around on the floor and grows to be the mat for under the high chair.  We know that food can go all over the place.  Later on it is the mat for when your doing your first finger paints, learning about play doh and cooking those first cookies with mom.  It is great that both items are machine washable so they can last for years to come.  Forgive the backwards print on the packages as you can guess my camera is down so I used my computer to take the photo.  Thus the backwards look.  Thanks to Bumkins for sharing with me and my readers.

My niece is checking out the Steri-Bottles that I have too.  You see she is due just any day now.  I can't wait to see her son when he arrives too.  I shared the Steri-Bottles with her because she seems to always to be on the go.  From traveling across Texas to popping in and out from her varied and large family.  I know that she plans on breast feeding but there are times you may need a quick bottle.  And travel seems to always be more so.  I am not the best at seeing a bottle that is designed for a single use and then recycled.  But there is times when your not prepared to have a bottle right now and more so that it may be best not to have to carry them too and fro.  We can not always be able to sterilize bottles when we are traveling.  The nipples are individually wrapped but the bottles are not.  They are wrapped five in a package and that did not seem to make sense either.  Okay, I am old and just not as with it.  Thanks to Steri-Bottles for sharing with me and more so for sharing with my travel happy niece.

Now with all of that I have a gift for myself.  You see I am so lucky to pick up my older Grandbabes from time to time.  (Never often enough for me!)  But then I am having to borrow the travel booster seat for my car.  Then it is taking it in and out because Granny M shares our car to take the elderly from the nursing home to church.  Bubble Bum is the inflatable portable foldable booster seat.  FANTASTIC!  It is safe and meets all U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  There is even a shoulder strap positioning clip to keep the strap in the right position too.    Here is the very unplanned video of me with the Bubble Bum.

I wish to thank all of these companies for sending the above items for review.  It is my own opinion these are items that I will use and share as I stated above.  

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