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It is so exciting to help foster JD's love of writing.  From sharing books with her to giving her an vintage portable typewriter.  Yes, I found one that works, still in it's original case and has the manual with it too.  I love to read JD's writing.  My favorite still is a post she wrote on jogging.  I felt like I was right there with her.  See it here.  

JD loves to run and loves to write even more.  I really am quite proud of her for focusing on her goals.  You see JD has Asperger's syndrome.  Top that with ADD she can really have a hard time staying on track.  It really has to be a focus for her.  So it was great to be able to share with her that she is not alone.  JD just finished reading Grace, Under Pressure by Sophie Walker.  Here let JD tell you what she thought about it.

When I first held Sophie Walker's Grace, Under Pressure, I was intrigued by the subtitle (A Girl with Asperger's & Her Marathon Mom.) I like running and I have Asperger's, so this book seemed right up my alley. Opening it only confirmed my thoughts. Sophie wastes little time in introducing the reader to her life and family, particularly her eldest daughter Grace. I recognized so many of Grace's "odd" behaviors in myself when I was growing up. These similarities, of course, are because Grace and I are both Aspies.

As the book takes us through Grace's diagnosis, Sophie finds a way to deal with it in running and begins training for the London Marathon. Through her training, life continues as do struggles with the educational system and Grace's new diagnosis. The whole book was interesting and kept me reading as I learned about various obstacles I was fortunate enough to have skipped. To glimpse the obstacles others have overcome and getting to learn from them is one of the best things about being a reader. I loved this book and am so glad to add it to my personal library. 

You see, to be able to read yourself in pages of a book makes you feel connected.  There are days that connection is one of the few things holding it all together.  It is what helps JD know she can do it, daily life, even when thinking is a struggle.  Thanks to Sophie Walker and New World Library for sharing with us.

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