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As I have been saying it has been Grandbabes week here.  Busy busy busy but you know there has to be a slow down point.  We do this at night.  After a full day of run and fun we need to refuel.  First a good dinner then a cool bath.  This sets the stage for a good nights sleep.

But wait......who wants to go to bed early on vacation.  Yes it is their vacation and I know what they feel about wishing to stay up late.  So we told them they do not have a bed time.  Instead we do!  Thus they have to be quiet while we rest.  Easy as can be right?  Well it was.

You see each night we picked a movie for them to watch.  Since we enforce a no electronics rule during the day they are ready for some mindless vegging out.  You know what I mean.  Videos are a great way for them to focus on one thing while being still.  And in that activity their bodies slow down and rest is right around the corner.  So let me share with you our selection this week.

With my Grandson here we had to have some boy choices.  We started with The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Bumpers Up!  I love this one from the Hub TV channel.  Ten episodes that took us two nights to get through.  Yes, the kiddos amazingly enough crashed so to speak.  Our + one this week (we had a special lil lady guest) also enjoyed the sing along that was part of this DVD.  I know that later this same DVD will be sent to my youngest Grandbabe.  It is just about right for him now too.  You will be able to pick this up from Hasbro Studios or Shout! Kids on the 13th of this month.  I was lucky to get it early for review.  Six thumbs up from my group!

The next DVD we had was one that I had not seen before.  But it seems that my Grandson knew it well.  A real epic boys action adventure series is Monsuno: Combat Chaos.  This was the first 5 episodes of the second season. This is available to you on the 27th of this month once again from Shout! Kids.  With all the love of super heros it is great to see a show where the kids are the heros.  Great way to focus on being strong within yourself and knowing that you can do the right thing to help others.  Monsuno did get my lil man ramped up but in the end he still slowed down and rested.  Just took a lil more time.

The third DVD that was available worked better for the older of the grandbabes.  Also it will be scooped up by my very own JD no matter that she is in her mid twenties.  This is the final season of CatDog.  One from Nickelodeon and will be released from Shout! on the 20th of this month.  I have seen this show from day one with JD.  But it was fun to have the Grandbabes watch with me.  They giggled through all 8 episodes back to back.  What I really liked was pointing out that they two had to always make it work out instead of fighting.  This is a good lesson for siblings.

I wish to thank Shout! Factory for sharing all three of these with me.  Shout! Factory has all the classic shows your looking for.  Just pop over and type your favorite in the search bar.  You will be surprised at the extensive collection of DVDs available.

Now here is out last DVD Room on the Broom and it was paired with a book.  So we enjoyed taking the time to do a group read along.  My two oldest ladies at 7 and 9 years old did the reading while I flipped pages.  When we were done the DVD of the same book came alive for them.  This was a great story of working together.  One might wish to be the one and only when it comes to getting a broom ride.  But of course if you do it someone else wants to also do it.  (Sounded very familiar for the brother sister grandbabes.) But by learning to work together, help each other out you find there are rewards.  This was a fantastic one two three punch by having the book, DVD and combined story line to bring the lesson home.

To celebrate Family Fun Month, NCircle Entertainment and Penguin Publishing, have teamed together to offer a limited supply of Room on the Broom DVDs, as well as copies of the Room on the Broom hard-back picture book.  Plus, we have a DVD for giveaway for one of my lucky readers too.  While you wait to see if your the winner why not make some finger puppets to play with the kids.  You can have your own story line going.  Download the pdf sheet here.  There are even more activities on the Room on the Broom web site.

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