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It has been so nice to have another avid reader around.  Josh is a co-worker of Dear Hubby's.  They talk about the books they have read all the time.  Well he has been visiting a bit and sharing books from us.  Naturally I handed him one and spouted off, "Write me a review."  And he did!  Thus I am turning my page over to Josh today to share with you his viewpoint on Road to Justice, Path of Revenge by Edward Vogler.  

What would you do to find your way back to love? When the winds of separation come will you ride them gently away? How many miles are too many before your hearts gravity is too weak to draw you? 

Through out the book I found myself wondering what kept the poor Ed Jenkins moving forward. Part murder mystery, part man against nature and part love letter the author draws you in immediately and makes you root for this every man. Too often the protagonist is an Ex-CIA Krav Maga teacher but instead we have a man of simple desires and simple skills that finds himself caught up in a whirlwind. No d erring-do, no flying through the air two guns blazing, instead just a common man. This draws one in very quickly and makes you want to know what happens to him next. 

Do be prepared for what I found to be a loud echo that follows the reader through the book. Rarely do two pages find themselves devoid of an often repeated phrase. My last point comes with a caveat, I am not an editor, just someone whose first love is the written word, I have to say, that the overuse of ,'s, to say commas, becomes overbearing, stilted and disrupts some of the conversations. (Dear Editor, Yes you should read that last sentence in Captain Kirks voice.)

Through trials and travails the singular point of his story (For me of course) is a yearning for the safety and familiarity of home filled with ones love. Reading it in one rough sitting I have to admit that I enjoyed it and would suggest it to anyone who has a couple of hours to read 100 pages of plot in a 200 page book. 

- Joshua Yancey

road to justice
Road To Justice, Path Of Revenge.
Ed Jenkins is one week away from retirement when a bullet narrowly misses him—and then he learns of his best friend’s tragic accident. He has been looking forward to moving to Florida with his wife Jane, but it seems events are conspiring against his picture-perfect retirement plans.
Ed and Jane board a cruise ship at Port Canaveral. Ed is attacked and thrown overboard and spends days adrift in the Caribbean. Weak and near death, he is picked up by a boatload of immigrants heading to the States. A Coast Guard cutter intercepts and turns the boat around, which ends up in Cuba.
Ed, gravely ill and unable to see, is abandoned on the beach and eventually picked up by a brother and sister who nurse him back to health. They attempt to get a message to Jane, and when that fails, they make risky plans to get him back to the U.S., circumventing the Cuban authorities.
Back in the U.S., more information is revealed that may tie Ed’s near shooting death with his friend’s death, and a federal court convenes in Ohio to uncover the truth. But no one is prepared for what they find.
Edward Vogler, a Marine Corps veteran, commercial pilot and flight instructor, flew for twenty years. He enjoyed a 41 year career in the automotive industry traveling throughout the U.S and Japan. His many travels and experiences have provided a plethora of short exciting stories that he has written and shared in the Tampa, Florida area. This is his first novel and he is currently working on his second.

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