Color Me Happy

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  
If that is so than I have over 8000 words for you.

Honestly I want to share this via photos because they so bring home this story.
My house is 100 years old. 
Not the fancy all restored 100.  But the sloping floors that are ugly as sin 100.
Here is my dining room.  It has some things I greatly treasure.
Mainly my dining table that was originally my Grandparnets dining table for the 1950's.  Back in the corner you can also see the 1920's Craftsman china hutch that was made by Dear Hubby's Great Grandfather.

But there is also the ugly ugly nasty floors.  
These can not be cleaned up by sanding them and staining them.
At least I do not believe they can.
(Also you can see the counter that was in Granny M's store.  I love it for storing my can goods.)

So I went shopping for a can of paint.
A nice beige white shade.
Makes a huge difference just painting the floors.

But the shining star is my new FLOR carpet tiles in Seeing Stripes-Persimmon.
Thirty of them make an 8 X 10 area rug.
The colors are perfect to match my table while giving that fun pop of color I adore.  It was so easy to measure out where to lay them out.
Then it was just pop. pop. pop them down to make the pattern we liked.

You do not stick the FLOR carpet tiles to the floor. 
Instead you use these nifty little dots to join them all together.

Each tile takes up 1/4 of the dot so that all four corners are joined snuggle together.  You use half a dot for the edges to join two tiles together.

When all is done we have a beautiful room that makes me very very proud to show off.  My very favorite thing that has been said over and over again is...
"This is so you, Lenore!"
Yes, I was able to pick out and design a room that really fits my personality.

See how the FLOR carpet tiles really do match the colors of my table and chairs.
Big Bubba was so kind to help out by redoing all the chair and table legs with new chrome spray paint.  

I do have to thank FLOR for sending me these tiles for review.  I did not get paid to do this review but did receive product.  My happiness and joy are all quite genuine and all my own!

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  1. what a great idea and so easy to do! Your dining room has a totally different look! Good job! Cissi


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