After the Wedding

My niece is getting married next month.  Of course her wedding gown is all picked out.  But now we are focusing on her outfit for her evening out afterwards.  She is already a busy mom of two young ones.  But on this special occasion, she is still to be wined and dined by her handsome hubby.  Thus we have pulled out some ideas for a sure fire sexy yet fun outfit to party in.  This was all picked out from Light In The Box online.

I love this one that shows off her back while still having a flirty front.

Of course she can not pull it off without this either.

Hey we have to take care of the girls too!

Then pair up the dress with a nice clutch.
I love the cluster of roses.  Just to remind her she is an American Beauty herself.

And a sexy heel to dance the night away in.
I bet these will catch the light and make her Hubby glance at her legs a time or two.

So what do you think?  Can she get her night out all from Light In The Box?
I think so!

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