Growing From Our Fears

Is there something that scares you.  Really scares you?  You know like makes you feel like a child wanting to run to safety.  Well there is something that makes my big strong Dear Hubby jump out of pools, duck out of showers and quiver in fear.  It is that happy go lucky SHARK.  Yeah, I know they are scary.  Big teeth and bad attitudes.  But they do not live on land.  Of course fears are not always rational.

Well I have something to help him out.  You know the more we know about what we are scared of the better we are at combating it.  So with help from The Discovery Channel, he is now the proud owner of Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark.  I know the cover is just what Dear Hubby is fearful of.  But inside there is so much information.  My favorite think inside is learning how sharks do not always look like....well sharks.  Honestly, have you heard of Wobbegong?  Well that funky looking thing to the right is also a shark.  No menacing teeth.  A rather odd looking pattern with old dude looking whiskers.  There is tons of info and I am hoping that with knowledge comes a calmness that will keep Dear Hubby from leaping from the water.

Now in all fairness there are things that scare me.  Like spiders.  But not terrifying.  What is really horrid for me is Night Terrors.  Oh that is something I have dealt with since I was a child.  The leave me breathless, trembling and most of the time sobbing.  It is just due to that fear that lead me to read Night Terrors by Dennis Palumbo.  Now a character in this book is dealing with Night Terrors like I speak about.  But there is also the terror of the night that is trailing a list of characters.  Slowly but surely taking them out one by one no matter how guarded they are by the local police and the FBI.  This is what makes one scared of their own shadow.  Dennis did a fantastic job of building the story line.  The delivery of who done it was also not rushed and thrown out there like a left over dish.  Thank goodness as many do that at the end of a book.  But personally due to my own fears, I would have enjoyed a little more depth into the Night Terrors themselves.

Thanks so to those that provided me these books for review.  I love them.  As you can see, they seem hand picked for my family!

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