This is the way we iron our clothes

Laundry is not my favorite chore.  But gosh we all know it must get done at some point.  Just this last week my washer bit the dust.  Of course my dryer had already whump whumped it's way to the grave before that.  Thank goodness I have a clothes line and I enjoy hanging clothes up.  It is a wonderful way to soak up the suns rays and feel good about myself too.  Hanging clothes does not get out the wrinkles though.  So a good iron is a must have.  It does help to ensure you don’t leave the house in wrinkly clothes (even though it may happen occasionally), and a nonstick iron – like T-fal’s Ultraglide Easycord Iron- can be a lifesaver when you need to steam clothing and get rid of wrinkles quickly and easily without the hassle of a cord getting in the way!  Oh what a blessing that is.  

I have found that the T-fal Ultraglide Easycord Iron makes it quick and easy for wrinkles to disappear.  And it is light weight so my hands are not screaming in pain by the time I am done.   There is also the powerful steam  that ensures a crisp, smooth outfit every time.   Thought that ironing has gone out of style.  Well not in my house!  So I thought I would share some ironing tips courtesy of T-fal Linen Care.

1.       Ironing will be easier and faster if the items are not too dry. If they are, lightly spray with water ten minutes before ironing.
2.       Make sure to sort out the laundry accordingly – read the labels carefully so that you can easily work up from the coolest to the hottest temperature and avoid ruining a garment.
3.       Test whether your water is hard by putting a spoonful of soap flakes into a bowl with two cups of water and mix vigorously. If bubbles appear that means your water is soft.       (Fun fact: T-fal steam irons and stations are specially designed to use tap water- their construction resists scale, whatever the water hardness.)
4.       If you are unsure about ironing a particular item, test a hidden part of the fabric with the tip of your iron.
5.       When ironing delicate or dark items, place a clean towel or press cloth between fabric and iron. For black dresses or trousers, use the steam setting with the iron touching the fabric.

Now look and see what I was also able to do with my T-fal iron.  It seems my plug in Scentsy was knocked sideways and all of the wax poured onto my painted floor. 

 Yeah, the one I just redid last week.  Well I whipped out my T-fal iron and an old towel turned rag.  Set the setting to high and laid the rag on top of the wax.  Just a few swipes with my iron and all of the wax was transferred to the rag. 

 Also with this being a T-fal none of the wax was left on my iron!  Fabulous.  Now the wax is gone and I am happy again.

Thanks so to T-fal for sending me the Ultraglide Easycord Iron.  This has passed the Crazed Mind test for sure.  I would like to finish off with a child hood song.  Now everyone sing along.

Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush

Here we go 'round the mulberry bushThe mulberry bush, The mulberry bush. 
Here we go 'round the mulberry bush, 
So early in the morning.
gold mini
These are the chores we'll do this week,Do this week, Do this week. These are the chores we'll do this week,So early every morning. 
gold mini 
This is the way we wash our clothesWash our clothes, Wash our clothes. This is the way we wash our clothes, So early Monday morning.
gold mini
This is the way we iron our clothes, Iron our clothes, Iron our clothes. This is the way we iron our clothes, So early Tuesday morning. 
gold mini
This is the way we scrub the floorScrub the floor, Scrub the floor. This is the way we scrub the floor, So early Wednesday morning. 
gold mini
This is the way we mend our clothes, Mend our clothes, Mend our clothes. This is the way we mend our clothes, So early Thursday morning. 
gold mini 
This is the way we sweep the floor, Sweep the floor, Sweep the floor. This is the way we sweep the floor, So early Friday morning. 
gold mini
This is the way we bake our bread, Bake our bread, Bake our bread. This is the way we bake our bread, So early Saturday morning. 
gold mini
This is the way we get dressed up, Get dressed up, Get dressed up.This is the way we get dressed up,So early Sunday morning.
gold mini

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