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Today is the Other Mothers birthday.  And in honor of her day I gave her a wonderfully different gift that she shrieked about!  Here let her tell you all about it.

I am such a lucky lady! I got a wonderful early birthday gift from my friend Lynette at Crazed Mind. She gave me a Fellowes' Saturn 2-95 Laminator!  I have only had it for one day and have already had so much fun with it.  I even did a few things I actually NEEDED to.  In just about an hour this morning I completed 3 large projects, a couple of small ones and came up with a thousand more ideas of things to do with this.

I made a dry erase board picture of my daughter as the background to help keep me organized with events and activities.

Property tags for Princess Emma's backpack and school supplies for the new school year.

And she made 3 book marks for her Sissy for Christmas this year.

Now, Princess Emma is on the verge of 7 years old and was able to put together everything just the way she wanted it and "help" me guide it through the machine. She was so excited to see it come out the other side all finished and ready to go! I have also laminated a piece of antique fabric that I thought was beautiful and wanted to protect and frame. I have intentions of making a family cookbook for my niece as well as laminating the few recipes my husband has of his mothers in her handwriting.

The machine itself is very easy to use and can be used on different thicknesses of laminating paper. You can even use it for cold laminating. I know I am going to enjoy this for years to come. If you are a crafter or own small business, this would be a wonderful investment. You could customize bookmarks, magnets,  place mats, even coasters. The possibilities are nearly as endless as your imagination.

NOW you too can make sure your crafting ideas are all set.  Fellowes has set up another Saturn 2-95 Laminator for a giveaway.  Make sure to hit the Rafflecopter below!

I want to tell the Other Mother thank you for sharing her gift with y'all.  And a big big thanks to Fellowes for sharing with me.  Here is more to help you out and give  you great ideas!

·         Fellowes’ Saturn2 95 laminator is the ultimate tool for back-to-school because it helps preserve important documents, like schedules, calendars, flash cards, charts, certificates, and more. Check out the Idea Center for inspiration and project ideas!

·         Fellowes Saturn2 95 is available at Staples.com. Fellowes offers a wide range of laminators to suit a variety of needs with products also available at WalMart and Amazon.com.

·         The Saturn2 95 is the perfect machine for moms and teachers because it combines exclusive technologies and features:
o   HeatGuard™ Technology: Double-walled insulation keeps heat inside so the laminator is comfortable to touch, making it safe for homes and classrooms with children
o   Advanced Temperature Control: Hot and cold laminating capabilities ensure consistent, smooth results every time
o   Release Lever: Permits easy removal or re-centering of stalled pouches to prevent jams

Please also like Fellowes Facebook pageOn Monday, Fellowes will be unveiling the Celebration of Superstar Teachers contest on its Facebook page. 

Lastly, please follow Fellowes on Pinterest for more laminating inspiration.

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  1. I would make a puzzle. I know it's not a game board but I think my family would have more fun with it.

  2. Holly Knight7/17/13, 9:40 PM

    Oh I would LOVVVVVVE this and I need it!! :)


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