Rudy, you did it again!

Last year I had the privilege of getting to read the first book by Rudy A. Mazzocchi, Equity of Evil.  Now for a first book he has some amazing reviews and I can understand why.  Out of 100 reviews on Amazon, 93 of them are 5 stars.  That is pretty impressive.  Well as luck has it, Rudy's second book Equity of Fear is now in my hands.  Oh and may I say that both of them are autographed copies.  Yeah your right, these are on my special shelf.  So let me tell you if his second book is able to measure up to the first.

We open with medical clinical trials going on overseas.  These are not going as we would hope with everyone responding in the best of health.  Instead hope is trying to find a way into helping Alzheimer patients.  From here we continue on the path of hope that slowly ebbs away to a building fear.  Fear that can turn one from morality to money hungry.  Fear that builds when we see that in truth it could happen.  It...control....of pain and fear.  But who would hold the right to control you?

Rudy, you did it again!  You made me stay up all night.  (Well til 3 a.m. and that is late enough.)  I am caught up once again.  Oh and of course, now I have to wait for the third book.  Okay...holding breath now!  By the way thanks so for sending me your second book for review.

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