Is There A Balance?

It seems that we are focusing more and more on how the medical and scientific field are advancing.  I am sure there has always been those who wonder if we are going too fast.  And others that feel that the breaks are not coming soon enough.  So where is that perfect balance.  Well like Lady Justice wearing her blindfold, the scales never stay at an even keel. 

I know that I am always weary of new medications.  I want to be sure they have been tested and the long term results are known.  At the same time I wish there was a miracle drug that would take the constant pain away.  With lawsuits always popping up for every new medication you know that it is a wonder we are able to have anything pass through to really help. 

In all of this where is the answers we are always looking for?  Is it in stem cell research?  Can we find what we need from exploring embryonic and fetal research.  Do we take it a step further?  Where is the cut off point of doing more to help those in need compare to doing no harm to accomplish that goal.  When we are begging for technology and medical breakthroughs then it is important to talk to those who have been there already.  Rudy Mazzocchi has authored over 50 patents on medical devices that have saved lives, that has improved lives, that has made changes in the industry that will never go back.

Rudy knows what he is talking about.  So it is really amazing to see how he takes our very questions and weaves them into a medical thriller exploring the limits and beyond of new medical breakthroughs.  Equity of Evil has you right on the edge not sure which way to sway.  You are pushed to explore past your comfort level as to what is safe and what is worth a risk.  I loved the suspense that was pulled upon when reading Equity.  But more so I loved that when I was done, I was questioning what I thought was right or wrong.  My mind was opened up at both the dangers and the opportunities. 

I thank Rudy for sharing with me.  More so I thank him for both a wonderful novel and a great eduction combined.  Check out the first couple of chapters for yourself here.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this review of my debut novel... greatly appreciated! This is the first in a trilogy called "The EQUITY Series". You can track our activities on my website ( and blog ( We are also having a wonderful streak of 65 perfect 5-star ratings on Amazon. What a wonderful surprise! Please add your reviews there as well!
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