So Familiar

It has been a great time house/dog sitting for my friends this week.  Has made me quite lazy as a matter of fact.  Between drinking coffee and reading on the deck out back while having the hummingbirds darting all around.  And taking time to cook some great dinners for my family in the evenings.  I am totally relaxed.  Oh and I have not even hit the hot tub yet!

It has already started getting quite warm here in Texas.  We are in the 90's already and still in the middle of Spring.  I am sure it is going to be another hot Summer.   I know that I have taken advantage of the nice breeze blowing around here.  This morning I laid out a blanket under a big ol oak tree so I could read in the shade.  Of course the dogs ran all around barking but they finally decided that I had the right idea and curled up under the tree too.  And I escaped into my book. 

Now this time I did not go far at all.  You see Beth Wiseman wrote Need You Now and the setting is right here in my own backyard of Texas.  I was able to really understand how it was in the story for it mirrored some of my own experiences.  In the story they moved from the big city of Houston to a lil town of Round Rock.  My own life had me moving from Dallas to Comanche.  So I knew just how the characters felt leaving all that was familiar and accessible to go to a 'one horse' town where no one knows your or is too thrilled that a stranger is living next door.  College Girl went through this very same ordeal when she was 15, the same age as the teen in the story line.

From there things are a bit more different.  But I know how I called on God to strengthen me with all the major changes in my life at the time.  Darlene Henderson (the wife and mother in Need You Now) feels the same yearning of needing God to help her keep things on an even keel.  I am sure there are times in your life that you have felt the very same way.  Needing to know that you have an anchor to hold on to or at least a post to tie up too in the middle of a storm.  And I bet you would love to know that like you Darlene relied heavy on those around her.

I am thanking Beth Wiseman, Thomas Nelson and Handlebar Marketing for sharing with me.  And for them sharing with you too!  Yes, they have been kind enough to share a copy of Need You Now for a giveaway.  I have the Rafflecopter below.  Make sure you enter!  Oh and by the way, thanks for all the times you have been here when I needed you too!
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  1. I need the knowledge that I have an anchor in my life every day.. If it wasn't for the strength that the lord provides I honestly would be a real stumbling fool.. Thankfull he is there each and every minute of everyday...
    I also had to make a huge move when I was young with my family... 17.. moved from the city of Lawton Oklahoma.. to hillbilly heaven here in Ohio.. wouldn't leave it now for anything... but those first days.. Wow what a trial.. I would love the chance to read the book.. Thanks!

  2. I am needing that right anchor right now in my life! Enough said!

    Beth Wiseman is a great author and I love her books!

  3. Thanks for this review. I love reading book reviews because in that way i know which books are worth my time..
    Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog...


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