Celebrate with Words

You know that I always say that there is Always Time To Dance!  Why?  Well because I like to celebrate life.  It is those moments that make the day worthwhile and life memorable.  What do I celebrate?

Well I loved getting to have Princess Emma read to me instead of me reading to her.  She is growing and learning so much.  Princess Emma's middle name is Grace.  So it was only fitting to have her read You Can Count On Gracie to me.  Oh what great photos of Gracie, the Golden Retriever, in costume to match the story being told.  Even though she struggled on a few words, Princess Emma did a great job.  I know that it will get easier every single time she visits with Gracie.

Something that always makes me smile is Chicken Soup for the Soul.  I know that I can always count on an uplifting story with just a flip of the page.  Many may not say this out loud but honestly this is one of the bathroom readers.  Quick short stories for when you just have to sit for a moment.  We always can find time to fit in some reading.  Granny M has a classic Chicken Soup for the Soul on the front porch with her.  Chicken Soup for the Soul 20th Anniversary Edition which is all the original stories plus 20 bonus stories.  This one will be snatched up by JD next and put on her shelf to keep.  

There’s always a reason to celebrate! Next Monday, July 15th is National Cow Appreciation Day.  We are in Dairy country so this is something we do notice.   How much dairy are you eating?  Do you get yours in cheese, milk, ice cream?  What is your choice?  In the spirit of giving cows a day of rest (they do deserve it!) try munching on dairy-free snacks throughout the day . Here are some tried and true snack ideas.  What is your favorite?

Hummus, Princess Emma's favorite.  Honestly! 
This is a bowl of hummus. Nederlands: Schaaltj...
This is a bowl of hummus. Nederlands: Schaaltje met hummus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 This is also one she loves.  Yet Poppi tends to find them before she does.   So it is important to double up when picking up these yummy gummy treats.

 Photo Credit: Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Oh how I love apples and No Nut Butter!  It is so so so yummy!

Photo Credit: thesneakychef

There is also the wonderful tart yet sweet treat that is not only wonderful out of the bag but also perfect in cookies.

Photo Credit: Ocean Spray

Oh and if you really want to smile then take the time to read a young adult novel.  Especially if your doing it with the Grandbabes.  TK had me in stitches as she read me bedtime stories. (Yes, once again they are reading to me!)  Loogie the Booger Genie in A Very Nasty Cold by N. E. Castle has just the right mix of fantasy and reality to touch home to a 9 year old.  Booger jokes abound as Loogie the genie that is residing in Charlie's nose.  Now add in a bad cold and untimely visits from the past to have unrivaled antics taking over.  TK was laughing as we both made faces through out the story.  This was a wonderful way to make memories and enjoy some time together.

Yes, my days do revolve around books and food.  Thankfully these books were all sent to me to read in exchange for a review.  Sadly no food was sent!

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  1. Thanks so much for the review of You Can Count On Gracie. Please extend our appreciation to Princess Emma. Knowing that our book is being shared and enjoyed is right up there with unlimited dog treats. ( "Well, almost," barks Gracie.)

    Yours in numbers & nonsense,
    Joan & Gracie


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